Posted on 18 Apr, 2013

Cuellimangui comes from a small city in South East Spain (Orihuela). His complicated patchworks of organic shapes bring life to inanimate objects and the abstract forms he paints. His vivid and complicated patchworks of colours are indeed arresting. We found out more…

About Cuellimangui

I’ve always liked drawing, but it was in 2004 when I started painting more seriously, between Altea and Orihuela, and later Valencia with old friends. Studying art at university was both good and bad: on the one hand, you lose time to focus on your own work but you learn new techniques and that’s good for your future as an artist. Lately I’ve also been painting with acrylics on photographs and posters: I am preparing for an exhibition of recent works in Valencia. 

Check out the Cuellimangui slideshow…

I have many influences: surrealism, eighteenth-century Japanese prints, tattoo culture and urban aesthetics. However, I experienced a change in the colors I used when I took a trip to Mexico and saw the crafts made by the Huichol Indians. It’s only relatively recently I’ve come to know street and graffiti artists. 

Lately I’m obsessed with objects. I think a simple object can tell you many things, and sometimes the names are important. I first draw a lot of objects in watercolor and then, depending on the wall, I choose one sketch or another (i.e. which object to paint). I use all the colors that I can, I like to abuse colors! Color is life!

I really only like to paint in Valencia and Orihuela. I like the old walls; there must be a dialogue between myself and the wall; the wall has to have soul. When you paint on the street it is impossible not to create a dialogue between the viewer and your work. I like, it makes me feel good to communicate so freely with people. 

This September I will go to Valparaiso (in Chile). After my experiences in Mexico I want to know South America better; the people have a special warmth. Painting is my passion; I’ll keep doing it forever. Where I take it I do not know; my goal in life is to live through my work. Even if I fail, I will continue painting with the same passion!



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