Posted on 18 Apr, 2013

Barcelona’s Eme has a distinctive style. Her art is accessible and honest. Focusing on typography and complimentary characters, it’s clear she has found her own style and that there’s an audience who appreciates what she does. Working with different techniques and inspired by illustration, Eme has come a long way from her roots as a ‘traditional’ graffiti writer.

Check out the Eme slide show below…

M for Muralista

I was born in Murcia on the South East coast of Spain. For the past 5 years I’ve been traveling and living in Rome, Valencia and Turin. I’ve finally settled in Barcelona, my new home! Im in love with Barcelona although it’s hard to paint here because of the strict laws. Right now I don’t have a studio and I need one but there’s a big graffiti culture here (compared to other cities I’ve lived in) so I do love it!

I started painting when I was very young thanks to my father who also loved to paint. He used to leave me in the kitchen with aquarelles (watercolour pencils) when he took a siesta! I was 6 years old. Everything I do is a present for him because he’ll be my idol forever (he passed away). I started to paint on walls 7 or 8 years ago, doing graffiti and characters in a graffiti style. I’ve evolved now more towards typography and illustration, Still. I love seeing graffiti on walls and trains!

Aside from my outdoor work, I paint on paper and canvases. I prefer paper because of the textures; plus I think it’s better for my illustrations. I use acrylic paints, black ink and aquarelles; I like to make posters with a vintage flavor and using typography to express simple ideas and feelings.

My art is accessible and friendly. I think obviously everyone reflects his or her personality in what they do. I’m happy with what I do. I spend my time on learning, working, improving myself and transforming bad energy into doing what I like! I’ve been lucky: I haven’t had any problems with other artists, the public or the law,only good experiences! The only meaning behind my art is to write little “open secrets” and share them with people.

I hope I can paint for the rest of my life and enjoy doing it. If not I would be happy just working on illustrations because I love it!


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