Posted on 18 Apr, 2013

Italy’s Etnik has developed a geometric style with real depth and perspective. His 3D cities appear to float off of the walls they’re painted on – he’s created his own World and brought it to life wherever he’s painted.

Check out this Etnik slideshow…

Etnik Roots

I’m half Italian and half Swedish but I’ve lived in Vinci all my life, close to Florence (Italy). I still live in Tuscany and my studio’s in Florence ( I’ve been drawing all my life bit I started painting graffiti some 20 years ago. I’ve always worked as hard as I can; I looked towards the more innovative graffiti scenes across Europe and America. The Italian scene is not so innovative.

As a graffiti writer I always love to paint style of letters  but I always painted more than the simple letter pieces. I always organize the concept and backgrounds for the many people I’ve painted with - that has helped me to evolve a lot.

I started painting the “Prospective Cities” 10 years ago – that’s the name that I give to the subjects in my painting; they’re all prospective, architectural illustrations! It’s my particular style to put lettering, architecture and illustration in one painting.

As a graffiti writer I still paint my letters inside my paintings. I put the letters into a space and then go on to paint different things as a theme (e.g. nature , characters, etc.). I use my letters to represent a point of view about any argument and to represent the precarious stability of humans. The result is a big fantastic illustration.

I also work on canvases and sculptures for installations. I’ve been involved in many exhibitions in Italy and across Europe like the Kosmo Tour, Stroke ArtFair and Carhartt-Gallery.

I love to collaborate with other artists so I often paint with Macs, Sera and Duke1 (Macs is an Italian writer who I’ve traveled with a lot over the past few years; Duke1 and Sera have been members of my crew - KNM crew – for the past 18 years)! I’ve also painted with artists like Blu, Loomit, Zedz, Daim, Satone, MacCrew, CanTwo and more!


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