Posted on 18 Apr, 2013

A self-described ‘graffiti asshole’, Lush is the ultimate graffiti antihero. Lush’s work, on walls and on canvas, will either make you laugh until you cry or cry until you give up. Lush is genuinely raw, with graphic images images of porn, sex and occasionally violence.

He’s one of the few artists who you cannot help but react to, whichever way you react. In a strongly male and often aggressive culture, Lush wrote the how-to manual. He probably wrote it on your fence, with your half-naked girlfriend taking the photos. Due to Lush’s potty mouth there have been some amendments to the following interview; amended words are followed by (*) for clarity.

Check out the Lush slideshow (not suitable for work)…

Lush Pastures

I don’t usually write a background; you can just write whatever you like, like “progressive feminist, artist and hopeless romantic” (*). I mostly do interpretative dance and I like to dance naked to flight of the bumblebee whilst reading soulful poetry (Lush’s words).

My art is nothing new really; loads of people did similar stuff before me. I just stole their ideas and ran with them. Hence the title “Graffiti Asshole.”

I don’t own a ute (sports utility vehicle in Australia) and shoot pigs so I’m not a total real “Aussie”. I just kept having coitus (*) with girls at graf spots while I was painting; I like women with big (*)(*). It just evolved into what I do now. Other writers get jealous but you can’t take a number two (*) and not make some graffiti nerd mad.

No one likes me back home very much, but that’s alright with me. I don’t care much for living in the past notions of other people’s cultural movements. That makes some of the less intelligent people in the hip-hop community ready to get all stabby. All the people that have beef with me overdose, go to jail or just quit / fade away anyway.

Painting canvases are very, very boring but you can get lots of free merchandise and coitus (*) from doing gallery shows. I just like to do stupid things (*) now, like have death-matches or get six girls naked in a peep show at my shows.

At some point I want to do the first tag in outer space, maybe I should panel the space shuttle. Life philosophy: if it’s got a career plan (*), marry it (*).


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