Earn Money with Your Art!


Graffiti writers, street artists and muralists work incredibly hard to master their craft.

We think what you do is amazing and we're here to support however we can. Online we'll help you share your pictures through our website and promote you on social media. In London we spend time getting permission for artists to paint walls legally. We also connect artists with brands and people who want their homes and offices painted.

One new way that we can support artists is through licensing street art photographs.

About Image Licensing

Image licensing is when someone pays a photographer to use their photo for a specific purpose, e.g. to publish the photo in a book. We noticed that most of the images uploaded to our site were from artists who were taking photos of their own artwork. If an artist wants to, why not license those photos and get paid?

We've decided to start offering image licensing as an extra service to artists that want it. Its completely optional: you don't have to sign up for licensing to use any features of our website and we won't license your photos unless you ask us to.

We also want artists to choose how someone uses their photographs. Some artists will say yes to being published in books but no to advertising. To make it simple, we give you three choices:

  1. Publishing (e.g. printing in books and magazines)
  2. Make Stuff (e.g. printing on t-shirts)
  3. Advertising (e.g. TV adverts)
Once you've made your choices you can still change your mind at any time by emailing dudes@globalstreetart.com. If you want to know exactly what uses are covered in each category check out this linkTo read the full legal terms and conditions please click this link

At this time - licensing is not automatic through our website. We are still learning a lot! So if we have a licensing offer we will contact you (the artist) by email first before we licence your images. We want to keep you informed and your feedback matters to us!  

Paying You

  • If you painted the piece and took the photo you get 50% of what we sell the license for; Global Street Art keeps the other 50%. The 50% that Global Street Art keeps mostly goes towards the running and development costs of our website. We pay you through PayPal using the email address that you signed up to the website with - PayPal is much cheaper than international bank transfers so its better for everyone.  
  • If you are a photographer but not the street artist you can still license the photo so long as the street artist also says that's OK. We respect artists' rights and we will only license a photo if the artist says that's OK, regardless of who took the photo. This is the first time ever that a street artist can make money when they didn't take the photo. No other image licensing company has ever done this before: not Getty, not Corbis, not anyone else.
  • If the artist and photographer are different people the split is: 50% Global Street Art, 25% to the artist and 25% to the photographer. Global Street Art's share stays the same because our website running costs stay the same. 
To read the full legal terms and conditions please click this link. If you have any questions please email us at dudes@globalstreetart.com; we'll build an FAQ section below to help...


  • Where can I read the full Terms & Conditions for your website?
To read the full legal terms and conditions please click this link

  • When I upload photos of my own art do I still keep the copyright? 
Yes! Global Street Art does not take the copyright over photographs you uploaded of pieces you painted or of photographs you uploaded of someone else's street art.

  • What price will you sell licenses to photos for?
The pricing depends on what the photograph is used for. We will always seek to get the best price we can. Photos are only sold as ''rights managed'' and never as ''royalty free''. That means the price will depend on the use and we will not sell a licence for a photo without knowing what exactly it will be used for. You make beautiful art, not cheesy computer clip art, and the prices will reflect that.

  • If I say yes to licensing, who can download my photos?
Only you and us, the site admins. There is no public access on our website to high resolution photos and we don't have a creative commons licence. Our access policy is designed to protect your photos from misuse!