Yulya Vanifateva (HULYA). Street artist. Moscow (RUSSIA) Since 2012 has began her art project PINK POWER. "What phrase do you often see on the fence? Well, my name is [HULYA] and I submit my own project PINK POWER. In my interpretation the "pink" is a metaphor of femininity which made with "flesh and blood" and without “sweets and cakes, sweets of all kinds". PINK POWER is tough and aggressive emotional project, despite the fact that pink is perceived as naive and sentimental color. My target is to oppose the street culture to the culture of gloss, well-being, a fanatical cult of plastic beauty. I want to take the aggression and rude from the streets. I want to take the visual language and techniques from the glamour. In my works I use magazines instead of canvases, cosmetics instead of paint, money instead of paper, sketches in the style of fashion illustrations. I don’t want to dwell on one technique, I want to experiment with surfaces and styles, I want to work with different materials. And I want to be recognized by the color and the overall concept."
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