For St+art Delhi 2016, Niels Shoe Meulman did something he has never done before - paint a poem written by himself. Being a writer for over 35 years, Shoe decided to mix up all the influences he has had over the years to create this piece. His love for lettering mixed with Calligraffiti - an art form he developed and pioneered, along with his love for plants seems to have all come together in this piece in Lodhi colony. The plants came in the form of the traditional Indian brooms available at every corner shop which are made of grass (broomcom) which he used extensively in the painting of this piece. He feels that the plant the broom was made with magically shows its true nature within the artwork itself! Here's the poem he wrote: SANS SERIFS NO LETTERS AND NO WORDS TO READ SANS WORDS NO SIGNS NO NAMES IN THE STREETS JUST ROWS OF BUILDINGS AND GARDENS SANS WEEDS
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