For our first trip up to City of Colours in Birmingham we'd been allotted a nice big wall in the Rainbow Arena to chuck some paint at. Given that it was our inaugural trip and we were working alongside a heavyweight lineup we were determined to make as good as impression as possible and decided to go with 'T'was bright but t'was just a dream'. If you've ever had a dream so real that upon waking you need to take a couple of minutes to work out exactly what's going on then you've probably got some idea of the inspiration behind the piece. A half remembered memory of something that really never was. It sounds quite vague but makes for a good picture. We even managed to get a cheeky little Birmingham reference in there with the latin motto of Birmingham Uni 'Per Ardua Ad Alta' which translates as 'through difficulties to the heights' which is probably quite fitting considering the size of the wall. Once we'd finished it was time to catch up with some of the other artists and check out what everyone else had managed to pull out on the day. If you've not been before then it's definitely worth a visit. Let's hope we get accepted again next time... Cheers id-iom
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