Typo-Mural The Mural is located in the poorest, the least educated and plagued with crime area of Upper Silesia. That's why the Mural is typographic and its letters have been reduced to symbols. The typography has been devoided of its main role and became an "image impossible to read". Despite all of that, a persistent reader will be able to find a single sentence pertaining to the crisis in readership which translates into a culture in crisis. A.D. JULY 2013 Design & implementation WunderFabrik Macio Glogus, Gośka Chrobak, co-working - Marcin Michalik Management & Co-production Kuklok: Marcin Michalik, Basia Michalik Katowice Street Art Festival 2013 - Mural realisation / Piekary Wyszyńskiego 31 POLAND photos: Adam Mikosz / Macio Glogus watch movie:
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