Of my paternal grandfather, I have only a few memories of summers when we visited the El Sekiffa palm grove. I remember him as an old man, tired from sickness and lying on a mattress in a room. My brothers and I were only allowed to go in quietly and give him a kiss. Once memories fade, it becomes difficult to fill those voids. I arrive to find that El Sekiffa has become a stranger to me, one that I no longer recognize. When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother moved in with my uncles, leaving their shack abandoned. She has since passed away. Four uncles and one aunt are still alive on my paternal side.I ask my father to reach out to them so I can meet them at my grandparents’ home. There, we find dishes and some tools on which time has left traces of its passage. I watch my uncles and aunt move in quiet through a room full of memories.
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