Rain pretty much stopped play entirely whilst we were at home for Christmas. Sedating myself with stencil cutting and animated movies seemed like the best option until I had a brainwave and decided to ascertain whether there was anywhere within the house I could paint. A quick survey revealed a wall in the attic that seemed suitable to me and, surprisingly, my mum agreed that it could do with a lick of paint. Before she'd even finished the sentence I was up and getting the paints out. The final result of a couple of days work is 'The Girl in the Attic' which proved tricky to paint as the room had no electricity so we could only paint in the very limited daylight hours (I generously say daylight as it was dark gray and raining 99% of the time) and then annoyingly difficult to photograph due to the cramped conditions and the aforementioned crappy light. I'd like to think however that it's a better use of my time than sitting on the sofa eating whatever was to hand though. Cheers id-iom
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