So there we were only just back from the TT in the Isle of Man when we have to start packing for a swift road trip to Amsterdam with a car full of other artists and a boot full of paint for, what is probably, the final Paint & Beer at Villa Freikens. The elite travel squad consisted of Lil Miss Wah, Korp, Process Smith, My Dog Sighs and ourselves. Quite a formidable team wouldn't you say? Time to hit the Eurotunnel. On the drive we were all assigned roles - My Dog was driving, Process was to be navigator (with Sholto as backup in case things got crazy), Miss Wah was trip videographer, Korp was logistics and H&S leaving Hugo on social media but his phone died as soon as we arrived on Friday and he never quite managed to get it charged again. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to put him in charge of social media... Before we knew it Saturday was on us and it was time to throw some paint around and drink some beer - as the name of the event suggested. We managed to get finished up in reasonable time then added the LED's for the eyes (which don't look half as good in the pic as they do in real life), did a little chit chat then headed off to the bright lights of central Amsterdam. It was before 11 when we hit town and about 4am when we realised we couldn't find another drink and so should probably head back. After an amusing episode with Hugo trying to climb a gate with spikes on at about 4.30am we managed to make it back inside Villa Freikens for a final drink with whoever was still sat up. Getting woken, having to pack up and get back in the van all happened in pretty quick succession on Sunday then it was a leisurely drive back home. Win all round. Cheers to Snub for having us, My Dog for driving and everyone else for putting up with us. Cheers id-iom
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