Welcome to Global Street Art!

This website is dedicated to the artists who make our world more colourful and the people who help them do what they do best.

Founded in 2012, Global Street Art have organised over 1,300 legal street art murals across London, working with councils, academic and cultural institutions and other bodies. There are four sides to what we do:

(1) our web-platform showcasing artists from over 100 countries and with over 300,000 fans on social media

(2) our 'Walls Project' real-world platform, which has organised over 1250 legal street art murals in London since 2012 (we're now responsible for organising over half of the street in the Brick Lane area)

(3) our commercial side, which partners with brands on projects (events, hand-painted advertising, interiors and with-permission licensing)

(4) academic and advocacy, where we campaign for changes in our city.

Over the course of our lives we want to build a permanent, museum dedicated to street art and graffiti - both online and in bricks and mortar. Yep, seriously. 

We think the world is slowly starting to wake up to why our cities should be painted and steps we can take to get there. We want new conversations around public space and participation. The future is painted.

Check out our very old and dated page walls project or check or site, blog and social media streams.

About our mission

Our mission is: we want to live in painted cities.

If you’re an artist or photographer and you are interested in contributing to our catalogue of street art, please register here and upload your photos on our website. If you’d just like to say hello or give us some suggestions then you can email us at dudes@globalstreetart.com.

You can also like or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Meet the Team


Lee co-founded Global Street Art in 2012 and heads up the team. He campaigns for more spaces for art in cities. Lee's main passion is public space and how that affects how we interact with each other. You can see his TEDx talk about street art and administration here! Lee used to breakdance for the UK and still reps his crews Soul Mavericks (UK) and Barnyard Cannibals (Seattle). He's also a doctor in science - maths and evolution to be exact - which explains why early versions of our photo-archive were so heavily classified and why his socks always match. His most recent distraction is calligraphy.