We are the World’s leading multi-channel street art platform.


The leading Street art platform in the world, hosting over 100.000 images submitted by artists in more than 100 countries.


Our community work is really important, since 2012 we have organised over 2.200 legal murals in London. The pilot of our “Art for Estates” program made headlines after completing over 20 murals in a North London housing estate at no cost to the council or residents.


Commercially, we have a leading agency specialising in hand-painted advertising and murals for landlords and developers. You can see our work at www.globalstreetart.agency. (or press the Agency botton on the menu) We provide a complete service, including the supply of media sites and mural execution (within the stated budgets,) and have ancillary services including integrated in-house design, videography, PR and social media support.

This website is dedicated to the artists who make our world more colourful and the people who help them do what they do best.

We want to build a permanent, museum dedicated to street art and graffti - both online and in bricks and mortar.

We want new conversations around public space and participation.

If you’re an artist or photographer and you’re interested in contributing please sign up and upload photos on our website. If you’d just like to say hello or give us some suggestions then you can email us at dudes@globalstreetart.com.


Meet the team

Lee Mug


Co-Founder & CEO
Phil Mug


Head of Development
Auberi Mug


Head of Operations
Auberon Mug


Head of Digital Production
Chris Mug


Head of Design
Mateo Mug


Head of Communications
Matt Mug


Production Associate
Vaida Mug


Project Coordinator
Wood Mug


Head of Marketing&Partnerships